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Day Camp and Bowling

Woo hoo! Wyatt is at his first day of "day camp" today. Thank God they made an exception and took him even though he isn't 5 yet. Today's schedule includes bowling which is something we thought he might like but would never do with him by ourselves (unless he's sedated). Apparently, for special needs kids, the bowling alley puts in special bumpers down the lane gutters (I hope I have the terminology right because I've only bowled once in my life) so that you knock down pins no matter how badly you bowl. The reason why I didn't want to expend the energy to take Wyatt bowling is because I was afraid he would run into the lanes and get hurt.  And also bug other bowlers.  But if he's with a group and the bowling alley is shut down for exclusive use for special needs kids then that is a whole nother kettle of fish.

So today I am trying to clean up around the house using Cindy's 15 minute rule. Gotta go work on the laundry for 15 minutes.

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I watched a TV show today about a little boy with autism and the doctors were prescribing various vitamins, anti depressants, and other drugs to try to counteract the symptoms.   In the same segment the doctors agreed that autism could be a lasting side effect from the mercury in the vaccines that children get when they're babies.

If there is even a shred of evidence that there is mercury in our babies vaccines, why do Mothers allow their babies to be vaccinated?  Can't Mom's boycott vaccines until our country agrees to leave the mercury out of vaccine medicine?  If vaccines can be produced in Japan without mercury in them than why can't we?  If a child swallows a thermometer he would get very sick or might even die from the mercury but it exists in the medicine we give our babies,  medication that is supposed to protect them from childhood diseases.  The rate of babies who have autism keeps going up at alarming rates.

Im sure it is probably much more complicated than that or something would have been done sooner to stop this epidemic.

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Where Everybody Knows My Name

This morning was awesome.  I felt really relaxed for the first time since my boys left to go on a weeklong out-of-state vacation trip with their grandparents.  I took a long walk around my neighborhood and arrived at the nearest Starbucks location at about 7 AM.  I used to hang out at that Starbucks a lot more often; a couple of years ago, when I began taking classes at the community college in pursuit of a more lucrative career, I started spending many of my evening and weekend hours studying there.  An unexpected phenomenon emerged:  I found that the atmosphere was quiet and serene enough to be conducive to my academic efforts, but since it was not tomblike and uncomfortable (like the college library), I didn't find myself becoming restless, bored, and desperate to distract myself.  My study haven wasn't expensive, either; I didn't need to spend a lot of money on beverages, because I could purchase one drink and nurse it, then get some water.  And from time to time, I could take a break from the books and chat with the people there.  In the process of busting my hump to get decent grades in my coursework, I befriended most of the baristas and many of the other regular customer

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A week home for Chris and woops a blow up

 We had a great week with a visit from our adult son.  He had a good week very little outburst and we really enjoyed having him home. We had planed to let him spend the night with an old respite provider that still keeps in tough with our son.  Chris had a terrible blow up he ran out of the apartment across the street and ran into a mini mart. This is the day we are going to take him back to his group home 2 1/2 hours away. The reason for this major uproar was because the respite provider did not take him out to Home Depot. The provider took Chis back to say he was sorry for his behavior at the Mini mart, since he trashed a counter during the outburst.  Chris has a very hard time waiting for anything and he is obsessed with hardware stores and just seems to loose it when he does not get to go. We could deal with these outburst when he was little but now that he is a full grown young man it is not cute and can put him in real danger. He left just an hour ago and he left in tears because he was first going back and second because of his behavior. I miss him already and sorry that such a wonderful visit ended with such an outburst, but that is away it goes with autism.

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Mom gets a vacation...sort of

My sons left today for a weeklong trip with their Grandma and Grandpa (my husband's parents).  They are going to stay in a condo at a resort area about a 7-hour drive from us.  So my husband and I get to enjoy a respite from our parental responsibilities for a week.  I know that many parents of autistic kids don't get that kind of break.  And yet I'm having a tough time allowing myself to relax. 

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a bit about us

My husband and i have 3 children, twins who were born prematurely at 34 weeks, 1 was diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum when he was 3 and the other was diagnosed as having autistic spectrum when he was 5 and has subsequently been diagnosed with dyslexia, dyspraxia and Tourettes syndrome.  My daughter was still in my tummy and 1 month from entering this world when my first boy was diagnosed. 

She is now 7 and my boys are 11.  At first we werw told she has a pervasive developmental disorder and oppositional defiancy disorder and emotional disturbance but now she being asessed for autistic spectrum and we wil get the results in september.

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It's relentless some days, i wonder how i can live this way

Today my angel woke up and ran through to my room, she threw herself on top of me and repeated the words "mum, mum, mum" over and over, even when i asked her repeatedly what is it, or what, or yes she just kept saying the same thing.  She started to head butt me on the arm and she would left her leg into the air and let it clash down on top of me, i told her no, she squirmed and squealed, i said go back to your room, she refused and quickly got off the bed, she stood staring at me, shouted "i hate you" and ran to her brothers room, she pushed open his door and shouted "get downstairs now" at him.


He refused, she shouted again and again and added some screaming into the demands...  he roared at her to get out and shut up, she screamed in an enormous loud voice and ran off downstairs, she opened the stairgate which allowed our big german shepherd dog to run past her and upstairs.  She shouted at my poor dog that it was bad for running away.


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Baby Shower for my Baby Bob

No the baby will not be named BOB. My best friend who is also Michael's honorary Aunt/Godmommy is havng a baby boy and the father does not like any name she picks yet cannot think of any himself.. So I call the baby Baby Bob. Her shower is tomorrow. Even though she wants Michael there, I know it will be too much for him to handle, so he is staying home. But I am actually going to ditch the capris or jeans and tshirts and look nice. Which means I will look 2x as fat :( But I need to work on dressing up. I may look fat but it will be better than sloppy. Maybe I will get a good picture of myself and post it here for everybody tomorrow night :)

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Hi guys,


Im a little bummed. Rainbeau had to quit. She's been

spreading herself too thin. When she started with us

she was working mornings at her other job & had her

afternoons off but now that she's working full time

this is just too much. Just my luck!! The good news is

we have developed a friendship in the short time we've

known each other & we will definately keep in touch.

So we lost our respite care provider but made a friend.



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