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I just wanted to remind anybody who doesnt have a handicapped placard that it's easy enough to

get one AND it will save you alot of hassle. We just got the necessary note from my sons developmental

doctor, took it to DMV, paid our five bucks and tada! DO IT! You're entitled to it and it will make life

ALOT easier!! =)

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Sounds of breaking glass and Autism

 For all of you who have been  having breaking glass issues. When my son was young he broke every window in our home at one time or another. I had the window repair people on speed dial. He also liked  throwing glass jars in the super market. He was so very fast that he could reach a whole row before we could stop him. After thinking and watching he really liked the sound of the breaking glass  Some times my son would respond to sound faster than anything else. This did pass in time and in time we were able to do shoping with Chris without having a worker follow us around with a mop. It is important to not only look at the behavior but maybe the reason for the behavior

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I dont know what to do. Ambien hasn't been tested in children under 13 (Marcel is 8). His doctor

would write the script but it would be considered experimental. Medicaid wouldnt pay ($50 for 30 pills,

lowest dosage). But the money isnt my concern so much as what if it HURTS him? But what if it would

help him? Im looking on AND freaking at this point ugh.

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FROM WIKIPEDIA... more on Ambien (Zolpidem)

Zolpidem has recently been very strongly related to certain instances of patients in a minimally conscious coma state being brought to a fully conscious state. While it was initially given to these supposed permanent coma patients to put them to sleep, it actually brought them to a fully conscious state in which they were capable of communicating and interacting for the first time in years. CAT scans have shown that the use of the drug actually does dramatically increase the activity in the frontal lobe of the brain in some patients in a minimally conscious state.

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Backyard Pot Lucks for Special Needs Families

This weekend we went to a pot luck BBQ.  It was hosted by a local special needs parent, the organizer of a new parent support group.  She and her husband are the nicest people ever.  They have a beautiful lush backyard with a playstructure, a trampoline, and patio furniture with the coolest LED lights.  They served turkey burgers and exotic fruity martinis, not to mention all the goodies the rest of us brought.  And no one had anything negative to say if one of the kids misbehaved.  I think my son actually made the most ruckus of any of the kids, but that was just because he didn't want to leave!  It was so wonderful.  Even though Wyatt had a tantrum of sorts, we left there feeling so relaxed.  We actually enjoyed ourselves for once because we weren't worried about explaining our child's behavior and we weren't tensed up waiting for some grump to make an "In My Day We Locked Kids Like That in a Closet" comment.  We actually felt like grown-up adults and not outcasts on the fringes of society.  

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Free Potty Story Download

I was leafing through the Fall 08 Linguisystems catalog and saw that they have a free .pdf download for a potty story.  It's call "Molly Goes to the Bathroom."  It looks like it is more school oriented, but that's OK.

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Mindless entertainment lol.

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That big room of junk... and WHAT? Monkey!

My house is fairly clean for the first time in what feels like months. To be honest, it gets this clean on a weekly basis, but somehow all the catharsis of living in a clean house wears off after the third day when little bits of nasty start to accumulate in the corners of chairs and on the tables. If only my kid would sit in ONE spot to eat...

All that is left is the spare room. I am always amazed at the human capacity for collecting junk. My spare room was initially supposed to be a room for me to craft, sew, and relax. However, once my son figured out that I was having a good time without him in there it became yet another place in my house that I have to defend from ever prying fingers. A craft/sewing room can be filled with lots of dangerous things, ya know. So I locked it up. It's not worth the effort to try to sew while dragging him out of the adhesives and exacto blades. I'd rather just be stressed out and sitting in the living room instead.

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Focalin Woes

They started Michael on Focalin and I cannot get him to take it. He cannot swallow so it has to be opened up and mixed in food. Only it does not matter what I hid it in, candy, toast, jello, apple sauce, Michael will not take it. I can mix it while he is still asleep and he knows it. I cannot premix it more than a bit before he will take it, so no idea what to do. He takes his Risperdal so well, but not the Focalin.

Does anybody else have to give their kid a ADHD medication to help with attention? I am thinking of asking for an alternative because he will not take it in any way.


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