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Willing to learn about autism

Hello bloggers my purpose for being on the autism blog is to learn from parents, peers, educators and experts. I am a Graduate student working on a degree in Special Education. My current interactions with children and individuals with autism have been limited due to my job placement. It is my hope that I will learn how to be a better educator to all children and individuals but especially those who learn in a different way. I believe it's my job as a future educator so I can make students educational experience a delightful one. I would also like people to respond to questions I may have about autism, so I will receive a better understanding through the blog and in my class. I will also respond to others this will give me a chance to understand what others are doing and going through. 

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My family and friends often comment about how lucky our children are to have us.  OK.  I certainly won't turn down the acclimation and the support.  God knows we need it.  And yeah, I know there are worse parents out there.

Yet, I can't help but wish I felt this public image was more of my daily reality. 

 Because the times when I feel like a competent parent doing everything I can - Those times feel like the minority. 

Most of the time, I am exhausted, emotionally and physically.  I look at my son, stimming, in his own world.  I know I should be doing what I can to provide structure, interaction - Help to pull him more into an interactive and learning world. 

But it seems too much, too hard, especially when those periodic negative surprises come up to hit you in the face.  I become paralyzed - In a funk.  I rely too much on the television.  Or I simply leave the kids to their own devices, at a loss of what to do or say to help, only intervening during behavioral problems, or to implement the usual scheduled routine. 

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My Theory of Developmental Disabilities

          I had a really good theory. The theory of why theres so maney people with developmental disabities, is to teach others about differences and unit the world in peace and haremony. To bring people closer togather, it doesn't matter either way of race,sexual orgins and disabilties but to live in peace. The people including myself are probably here with disabilties to love and give chances and hope, that we can over come obsiticles and respect others as we want for ourselvs. I mean theres always reasons why we have something and that to me is the positive way of looking at it. For me to have a autism spectrem, is for me to help other people who has other types disabilties. I think I am here to help but yet show others that we can be there for each other. I don't want a cure for autism this is just going to make other people stronger and closer if we understand the differences, to not be afraid of what is consider normal or not normal. Theres no such thing as normal anyhow. This is who I am and if there was a cure I wouldn't take that chance. Cause I am beginning to love myself for who I am and yet what I am beginning to understand myself. Thats my theory.   

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Wyattsmoms font looks the same size to me at least

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Antipsychotic Does Not Harm—and May Improve—Cognitive Skills in Children with Autism

From The National Institute of Mental Health
Antipsychotic Does Not Harm—and May Improve—Cognitive Skills in Children with Autism

The atypical antipsychotic medication risperidone (Risperdal) does not negatively affect cognitive skills of children with autism, and may lead to improvements, according to an NIMH-funded study published recently in theJournal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology . Risperidone is prescribed for children with autism to treat aggression, self-harming behavior and other serious behavioral problems.

Antipsychotics often cause sedation or drowsiness, especially in the first weeks of treatment, but it is not clear if they also blunt or impair cognitive functioning. Results of other studies have been mixed, and few studies have been conducted on children with autism spectrum disorder, a developmental disorder that can cause severe and pervasive impairments in thinking, feeling, language, and the ability to relate to others.

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I just wanted to remind anybody who doesnt have a handicapped placard that it's easy enough to

get one AND it will save you alot of hassle. We just got the necessary note from my sons developmental

doctor, took it to DMV, paid our five bucks and tada! DO IT! You're entitled to it and it will make life

ALOT easier!! =)

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Sounds of breaking glass and Autism

 For all of you who have been  having breaking glass issues. When my son was young he broke every window in our home at one time or another. I had the window repair people on speed dial. He also liked  throwing glass jars in the super market. He was so very fast that he could reach a whole row before we could stop him. After thinking and watching he really liked the sound of the breaking glass  Some times my son would respond to sound faster than anything else. This did pass in time and in time we were able to do shoping with Chris without having a worker follow us around with a mop. It is important to not only look at the behavior but maybe the reason for the behavior

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I dont know what to do. Ambien hasn't been tested in children under 13 (Marcel is 8). His doctor

would write the script but it would be considered experimental. Medicaid wouldnt pay ($50 for 30 pills,

lowest dosage). But the money isnt my concern so much as what if it HURTS him? But what if it would

help him? Im looking on AND freaking at this point ugh.

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FROM WIKIPEDIA... more on Ambien (Zolpidem)

Zolpidem has recently been very strongly related to certain instances of patients in a minimally conscious coma state being brought to a fully conscious state. While it was initially given to these supposed permanent coma patients to put them to sleep, it actually brought them to a fully conscious state in which they were capable of communicating and interacting for the first time in years. CAT scans have shown that the use of the drug actually does dramatically increase the activity in the frontal lobe of the brain in some patients in a minimally conscious state.


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