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Still Pushing Focalin, Ignorant People, and Keeping Michael Innocent

Long title, I admit. I will try not to ramble too terribly much in this entry.

They are still trying to push the Focalin XR for Michael. I explained he will not take it, and even if he does not know the pill is in a food he will spit it out. Now they want the teachers to try giving it to him at school rather than me fighting him. I asked if there was something else I could give him instead of the Focalin, and they said NO. That made me a little upset because Focalin is still rather new and attention issues have been present and treated for over a decade.

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Food Pantry

My friend and I went over to one of the food pantries that is closest to our houses. I haven't been to one before (at least as an adult). Cars lined up in rows two cars deep in an empty dirt lot next to a dead drive-in movie theater where they hold a swap meet on weekends. Most of us were waiting about 40 minutes and many of us were first-timers. A big semi truck showed up. It had a church ministry affiliation painted on the side of the truck cab door and they played a Christian music station really loud and kind of sang along to it as they worked. We wrote down our names and addresses and handed over $25 each. We were handed a number and we had to pull our cars up in the line and hand the workers the number before they loaded up our cars.

Although there was a lot of good stuff I was a little disappointed that there wasn't more meat, so I may try a different food pantry in a few weeks.

Well, what do you think? Do you think it was worth it? Here's what we got (to the best of my recollection):

2 bags 16 oz. each of chopped fresh apples

2 boxes of battered lemon fish fillets Gorton's 11 oz.

2 cartons 18 eggs each

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First timer

Hello everyone. My name is Darnell and my 5 year old son Isaiah is autistic.

My wife just got done venting to me and I basically am not being a good enough father and husband. Its true. Im not very emotional. Emotion wasnt a big thing when I was growing up. It may sound like an excuse but I got nothing else for you.

My wife has done all the leg work thus far. Researching online, reading books, looking for doctors, you name it she does it. I just go to work and then come home and try to play and talk to the kids before bedtime. I dont talk enough to my wife about our son.

I want and need to be more involved. I feel like a crappy parent for letting my wife down. Sorry just doesnt cut it.

I wanted to join a support group to get the help I need. For instance, I suggested to my wife,Melissa, that I get a third shit job to take some stress off of her and she seemed to get upset. I just want her to be less stressed. Melissa is a casual cna and going to school and stays at home. I was just throwing ideas at her.

Thanks for letting me vent to all of you. Any and all comments are welcome. Thanks again.

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Marcel went to the dentist today. He has three small cavities that will be removed under anestesia

in the hospital. Mommy stayed home, its just easier that way, easier on Marcel, easier on mommy.

WELL as they were leaving they went up to the front desk, Marcel squatted, grabbed his butt and

FARTED LOUD in front of the staff, EVERYBODY. Emile said everybody laughed, it was hilarious. My

son lol =)~~~

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A week without power

Just a quick note I am back on line and connected again. Because of  Ike most of the city and surrounding counties have been with out power for over a week now  We got power back yesterday and I feel as if I have gone from the Flintstones to the Jetsons in just one day.  I just wanted to send my prayers to those of you who are still recovering from Ike. I could not have made it through this past week if my son had been with us and for the first time I was so grateful he was 2 1/2 hours away. It was very stressful for us but for my son it would have been a total disaster Here in Kentucky we had wind damage and some are still without power. We were lucky we just lost all our food. Food can be replaced but homes and lives can not.  Change is so very hard for kids and for those who are still in the process of recovery my prayers and heart are with you all.

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I just wanted to make sure I didnt hurt your feelings. Right after we got Marcels diagnosis we were

referred to a nurse practictioner who was a nut. I think what it was is she's an old d*** which is

fine by me but I dont think she liked men & she was irritated that whenever we'd go in her office

we'd go as a family because I have no sense of direction & her office was down town. Frankly I

couldnt find my way out of a paper bag. ANYWAY I can get along with just about anybody but this

chick made me uncomfortable so eventually we found our way to Dr Fierro. He's so kind, down to

earth, he's younger than me, and he likes my silly sense of humor. I research and at the same time

I know he's researched plenty before we try something new, but thank you. You are very sweet,

if you ever find yourself down this way you've got a place to stay. Remember the Alamo!!


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Todd, Holly I have to admit y'all were right. I switched to Firefox and I really like it =) It's very user

friendly. Thanks =)

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Chocolate Chip Day

Wyatt actually ate the edges of a chocolate chip cookie today, voluntarily.  This is pretty amazing for him since he never eats sweets or chocolate.  I think this was his first chocolate chip cookie.  The cookie was in a bag.  Wyatt is very inquisitive about the contents of bags. 

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Researchers around the world have been scrambling to come up with some answers and define the cause of autism, but so far the answers elude them. To date, autism remains a mystery.

I keep different facts about autism Ive found in my documents file & use them as my signature.



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Assisting the Autistic mind.

I am completely frustrated.  I think that I have stumbled on to a well kept secret.  There is some great medical research being done linking hormone metabolism and autistic symptomology.  I think that it is currently being supressed and even hidden so that those who stumbeld on to it early, can reap fame and financial gains.  If you want to know what I am talking about, e-mail me at


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