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The Other Family Woes

At one time I was talking to David's sisters regularly. Then it sort of blew up in my face. Ironically right about when his daughter was born and I was starting my fight to get Michael seen by the Specialty Clinic. I started getting annoyed because they stopped speaking to me yet checked out everything on Myspace. I had trackers (yeah I know against Myspace rules) hidden and a friend and I set something up. They literally would read my comments then go read his to see what I replied. The final straw was when they went to check out my mother's myspace. I thought my friends deserved a little privacy. They assumed things written in my blogs were about them and would always try to think I was saying something other than I did. Then they all got torked because I deleted them. One of David's sisters tried accusing me of being an ungrateful little *cth saying I have never said thank you for the presents they had gotten him. Yet they seem to have forgotten the numerious textxs comments, shoot even me breaking down in tears when I thanked their mother in person one Christmas.


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Ai-yi-yiiiiiiii...... Tropic Thunder

OK, time to jump in hot water.  My wife thinks I'm just asking to be flamed for posting this on this site, but, I'd like to honestly discuss this with my parenting peers.  So, here goes.

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working to pay for ABA/VB therapy

I am a mother of six children, four of them are adopted and of those four, two of them have autism.  I went from being a successful realtor to being a full time caregiver for these three kids who are still at home.  As they have gotten older it has been more and more expensive to take care of all their needs.  I have been doing all kinds of research on biomedical approaches to recovering these children.  In that research, I started looking for high antioxidant foods that could help to heal their brains.  I came upon a product that is made from an unprocessed raw chocolate, that was so healthy, you'd have to eat 7 lbs of spinach to equal the antioxidant levels that just three pieces will get you.  I have started my own home based business selling this product and helping others do the same.  My youngest child with autism has finally begun to be potty trained, because he gets the chocolate as a reward, and I can give it to him because it is gf/cf free.  He is making all kinds of progress, and I am having fun earning money to continue to look for anything that will help him


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Bowled Over at Day Camp

Wyatt didn't get to go bowling yesterday, after all.  Only the older/higher functioning kids got to go.  I thought that was really crummy.  And sort of insulting.  Wyatt did get to go walk along the pier, but he wanted to go run in the waves and they wouldn't let him.  So we took him to the beach and let him run in the sand when Marc got home.

Tomorrow and Thursday is the equestrian program.  They told me to make sure Wyatt brings his sneakers, so I'm assuming they are actually going to let Wyatt get near a horse.

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Diagnosis Update

In preparation for my kids' kindgergarten IEP plan in December, we've begun the latest rounds of new assessments / follow-up.  We had a new assessment at Santa Teresa Kaiser and we're having our follow-up with Dr. Bryna Siegel at UCSF at end of September. 

 Santa Teresa was nice.  The practitioners had more pleasant and relaxing bedside manner for one thing.  They encouraged my wife and I to relax when addressing our children's needs and not be as wound up about providing them structure 24/7.  They encouraged us to remember to have fun with them as well as teaching. 

They confirmed my son's autism - not a surprise there.  They revised my daughter's PDD-NOS diagnosis to Aspergers.  We were a little surprised, but not hugely, and not to the extent that we were upset.  What I didn't know is, apparently, it is hard to diagnose Aspergers until kids are a little older and so specific developmental milestones can be examined..  The twins are 4 and a half years old now. 

We also know that diagnoses tend to vary between practitioners and also over the years and things change. 

 So - shrug - latest thing to learn more about....     

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TROPIC THUNDER offensive to the mentally disabled.

"Tropic Thunder" is pushing the envelope too far for groups representing the mentally disabled.

Dozens of people from organizations such as the Special Olympics and the American Association of People with Disabilities protested the movie-industry spoof across the street from the film's Los Angeles premiere at Mann's Bruin Theatre on Monday. The protesters held up signs with slogans such as "Call me by my name, not by my label" and chanted phrases like "Ban the movie, ban the word."

The groups are outraged over scenes featuring the liberal usage of a disparaging term used to describe the mentally disabled. In the movie, director and co-star Ben Stiller plays a fame-hungry actor cast in a war movie who previously had a role as a mentally disabled character named Simple Jack. The DreamWorks film, which opens Wednesday, also stars Robert Downey Jr. and Jack Black.

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Sea Plant/Aloe Vera Liquid Whole Food Supplement

This story is about a young boy with autism who experienced
significant results taking aloe vera and sea vegetables.
There are millions of kids and parents dealing with this
issue. And while there is no concrete, scientific proof on
the relationship between these ingredients and autism,
hearing these actual results, as told by his mom, could
be a big source of hope and encouragement for others
dealing with this problem.

If nothing else, it shows that improvements with autistic
kids are possible. We also know that adding super foods
like aloe vera and sea vegetables will certainly do no harm,
and based on this story, it appears to have done significant
good! When the body gets the nutrition it needs it is able to address health challenges.

All you need to do to hear it is click here: (posted only through 8/13/08)


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"Well, son, I AM a huge fan..."

I've gotten hooked on watching the 2008 Olympics.  It's easier to watch them than it would be if my sons were at home, because Owen probably wouldn't be interested in them, and he would be yelling at the TV:  "I HATE it!"  Since my boys are with their grandparents at a time-share vacation condo in another state, I am savoring the opportunity to soak up the Olympic coverage in peace.

For most of my childhood and even during my college years, my mother and I watched the Olympics together with a fervor bordering on obsession.  Winter AND Summer versions.  Jim Craig and Rowdy Gaines, Dorothy Hamill and Nadia Comaneci...I can fondly recall all of my Mom's favorite Olympic stars.  My three siblings never caught Olympic fever, nor did my Dad.  It was just Mom and I, glued to the screen for a few weeks every four years.

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Day Camp and Bowling

Woo hoo! Wyatt is at his first day of "day camp" today. Thank God they made an exception and took him even though he isn't 5 yet. Today's schedule includes bowling which is something we thought he might like but would never do with him by ourselves (unless he's sedated). Apparently, for special needs kids, the bowling alley puts in special bumpers down the lane gutters (I hope I have the terminology right because I've only bowled once in my life) so that you knock down pins no matter how badly you bowl. The reason why I didn't want to expend the energy to take Wyatt bowling is because I was afraid he would run into the lanes and get hurt.  And also bug other bowlers.  But if he's with a group and the bowling alley is shut down for exclusive use for special needs kids then that is a whole nother kettle of fish.

So today I am trying to clean up around the house using Cindy's 15 minute rule. Gotta go work on the laundry for 15 minutes.

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I watched a TV show today about a little boy with autism and the doctors were prescribing various vitamins, anti depressants, and other drugs to try to counteract the symptoms.   In the same segment the doctors agreed that autism could be a lasting side effect from the mercury in the vaccines that children get when they're babies.

If there is even a shred of evidence that there is mercury in our babies vaccines, why do Mothers allow their babies to be vaccinated?  Can't Mom's boycott vaccines until our country agrees to leave the mercury out of vaccine medicine?  If vaccines can be produced in Japan without mercury in them than why can't we?  If a child swallows a thermometer he would get very sick or might even die from the mercury but it exists in the medicine we give our babies,  medication that is supposed to protect them from childhood diseases.  The rate of babies who have autism keeps going up at alarming rates.

Im sure it is probably much more complicated than that or something would have been done sooner to stop this epidemic.


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