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Over the summer we got Ethan in for a Speech Eval at a place that specializes in outpatient therapy for special needs children.  His first eval was amazing and Iwas very very impressed with them.  Unfortunately there hours where horrible and in the long run things didn't work out.  

I spoke to one of the parents of Ethan's Classmate and they recommended someone from our local hospital's physical medicine department.  We made and appointment and got him in for an eval for Jan 2nd.  She seemed wonderful and his first official appointment was made for 1 week later.  All she had to do was precert the services and things would be a go...So we thought...

She had to cancel the first appointment because they said it would take 5-7 days for the precert to go through so we rescheduled again for this Wednesday (yesterday) instead.  We received another phone call that she got a denial from the insurance company put she put through the appeal and was waiting to hear back from them.  In the meantime I received a denial letter from our insurance company stating that it was denied.  So i decided I was going to call them today and find out why they denied that services...

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So me and Tom work with Ethan at bedtime with "I love you".

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Autism Walk 2013

Well we decided to do the autism speaks  walk again this year.  We decided not to do a lot of fundraising this year and just wanted to walk to show support for our son and the community as a whole.  I think as parents we need things like this.  Ethan who has been back tracking some with his behavioral issues did an amazing job.  We put on a weighted back pack (just a small school bag with some stuff in it) and I don't know if it was the back pack or he was just having a great day but he did amazing!!!!  AMAZING!  He walked a lot of the walk either holding someone's hand or walked right in front of us.  When he was tired he walked over to the wagon and got himself inside it.  The weather was beautiful, he had a great day and that's all the really matters.  I am learning that he's going to have his bad days.  But when he has his good days it defiantly eclipse the bad day!

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So Tom is amazing.  The best father, husband and provider anyone could hope for.  He took Ethan's diagnosis like a champ with the occasional break down and I was the mess who couldn't keep it together.  Lately though he has been angry.  I read before Ethan was even given his diagnoses that parents go through a grieving process and anger was part of that process.  I've tried to explain this to him but he's not listening.  He keeps saying that I'm not upset I'm angry.  He sees grief as being emotionally upset,  (he's not taking it out on Ethan) he's just being really hard on himself.  He is looking for a support group for dads does anyone know of any?  He feels he needs to connect to fathers like him to try and work through whatever he is struggling with right now.  We found a online group but the link was dead.  Any advice you can give me to help him I would appreciate it.  

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Bad week for Mommy

This week is a emotional week for me.  I don't know what it is.  I worry about Ethan so much all the time and while most of the time I am very positive...This is not one of those weeks....

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...It's Been awhile

Happy Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month!  I hope everyone is doing well.  Our household has been pretty good these past few months.  

Ethan is doing really well...Still not talking but slowly using more and more words.  Words to a stranger that would mean nothing but to us, my family and his teachers...Well that's all that really matters...

We survived our 1st trip to Chuckie Cheese.  The last time we tried to do a trip like that my husband came home in tears...So that was a great accomplishment.  He still had some issues transitioning but hey...Who cares if he sat and sang Happy Birthday...Some battles are not worth picking.  

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I know someone who lives in South Carolina and is having major behavorial issues with her autistic 10 year old.  He is violent and harmful to himself and sometimes the other members of the family.  She said she has tried every avenue yet can not get additional help for him.  I was wondering if anyone knew a little better about what could help the child, he is already medicated.  I was thinking more behavorial to help him work through some of this meltdowns.  I know Ethan gets that now but from what I gather she's been told there is not much for her to do with him.  I find that hard to believe and was looking to try and give her a place to turn for help.  She doesn't know what else to do.  


Thank you for any info you can give me, I will pass it along.  



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Merry Christmas

Today was a good day!  Ethan did awesome.  He was very overwhelmed when he first woke up and came downstairs but my niece (3 yr old) and my nephew (6 yr old) walked him right through it.  They helped him open every single present that Santa gave him by starting the paper for him and letting him go to town!  Ethan is so lucky to have them.  They love him unconditionally and they don't care what obstacle gets in Ethan's way, they are always there to guide him through it.  I think that was the best part of our day!  Knowing that Ethan is loved for being exactly who Ethan is!!!  


I hope everyone had a great day with there families!  



The Swift Family!!

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Does anybody live in the Philadelphia area and know of good schools for special education in our suburbs?  We currently live in Philadelphia and do not have faith in the Philadelphia school system.  Ethan still has 2 years until he moves into public school system, we are going to try and move but don't know how to find out other then Central Bucks (we can not afford) what areas areas are good.


Any help would be grateful...Thank you

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Helo all!

So Sunday was a great day for Ethan.  Not only did he use his PECS book pretty well he also used 5 words that day.  He said more, P (for pretzel), mine, and truck!  We were so excited we cheered and yelled...and he look at us like we were crazy!  LOL

All in good time...he's doing so well! 

His jacket issue has worked itself out.  I think maybe he was having a bad weekend or something because Monday morning he resisted at first but once he walked out the door he was fine...





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