do boys have hormones?

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Lil A is now six, and I think he is going through a growth spurt. More like a maturity spurt. His fuse all of a sudden has gotten super short. 

"No, I do not want meat, WAAAAH!" Things that bothered him before now completely set him off. I feel like I have a teenage girl that has just broken up with her boyfriend and everything makes her sob.

When he cried over the lack of drawing paper at church my husband looked at me, confused.

"Its hormones." I said.

Confused face turned to frightened face.

"Growth spurt hormones."

Frightened face softened, slightly. He squinted at me.

"Well, thats what I am going to call it."


Maybe it is the same cries as before, but they are bothering me more than before? It just seems more amplified. At least he can tell us more.

"You make me ANGRY about that!" "WAAAAAH!"


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Of course boys have hormones too- but age six?  That's well before puberty normally, even in these days of eight-year-old girls getting pregnant.

Might I suggest a more commonplace answer?  something new in his senses is bugging him.  The growth spurt could be causing growth pains- which in turn, is making him more frustrated with himself and others.

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That is probably it, it was just odd how before he would hover in the whiney stage before he would cry. And now its zero to WAH in 30 seconds. 

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It will get shorter before it gets longer.  I think I started reversing around 25 or 26- and I'm now a very patient person indeed, unless you get me off on one of my obsessions.

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uhh. Hopefully I wont have to wait 20 more years, because that would stink. And funny thing, he is quite the charming guy when he talks about alligators.