Understanding why?????

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I just want to know how it happens.  Was my child born this way? Was it something we did (moving a lot while he was an infant, his frequent falls)? Was it the vaccinations he recieved or the antibiotics he had to take for the multiple ear infections he had as an infant? Would I change any of it? Obviously I would have preferred not to move around as much, but I would have still got the vaccines and antibiotics to treat the infections.  I believe they helped him, but it would be nice to know. As for as the frequent falls, I'm told it's part of the "process".  Autism has effected his gross motor coordination, thus hindering his fine motor skills as well.  My child has always been different.  He was a good baby, but very nervous.  He startled easily, couldn't stand loud noises, and even then didn't like large groups of people.  When he tried to crawl, he'd drag his right leg behind him, which was kinda cute, and my Mother in law said my husband did it so it's normal for them. Then he tried to walk, he had trouble getting his whole body up right and was really wobbly.  I figured this had to do w his multiple ear infections (throwing off his equallibrium) or the fact that he was taller than normal for his age.  I've since been told these things can be contributed from the autism diagnosis.  So, what happened, was he born w his brain wired differently or did something else contribute to his "specialness"? 

Either way I've decided that God made him special in his own way, and has a great plan for him.  I love my son so much.  I don't know that I'd have him be any different.  But it would be nice to have some answers.

For instnce he's 5, and we still have bowel training issues.